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Trattoria -  a definition -

A small Italian restaurant; a house restaurant

Back in the old days, there were many travelers throughout Italy.  As a result, it was common for Italian families to set tables outside and serve whatever the family was eating for dinner that night to these travelers.  Each Trattoria was a little different depending on the family's traditions.

In modern times, Trattorias are small Italian restaurants in which the owners follow family traditions and use family recipes.  With this in his mind and heart, John John has tried to follow these same principles.  From using the same quality ingredients in our recipes to serving wine in small juice glasses like his great-grandfather Nicola Fulgenzi did for his homemade wine, we strive to continue to follow the traditions of our family members.

It is our goal at Fulgenzi's Trattoria & Catering to create an atmosphere in which anyone that enters our restaurant feels relaxed and comfortable.  

In other words, welcome to our home!


Restaurant Opening Hours


Fri-Sat dinner: 5 pm - 8 pm

For reservations,

call us at (217) 483-6433

Banquet and Catering Hours

All hours

7 days a week


To discuss your banquet and catering needs,

call John John (217) 971-7517

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